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During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we want to reach out and reiterate that as the homeowner, it is YOUR responsibility to remain safe during flooring installation.  Our installers are independent sub-contractors and may not live in your county. Several of them travel up from the Front Range. 


In order for all concerned to stay as safe as possible, we strongly recommend the following:


  • If you are at risk AT ALL, we recommend that you postpone your flooring work until you feel safe to have it done.

  • If you feel sick AT ALL, we recommend that you re-schedule your install.

  • We recommend that you wear a mask at all times that the installers are in your home and remain at least six feet apart.

  • We recommend that you are not in the same room as the installers while they are working. The work is strenuous, and at times they may not wear masks.

  • We recommend that your home is well ventilated during installation.

  • If you feel comfortable with it, we recommend you leave your home after your initial meeting with the installer.

  • We recommend that you sanitize all high touch areas every day after the installers have left.


We are doing our best to keep our team, our customers, our installers, and our community safe.  We cannot do this alone, so please understand our concern when we ask you to take responsibility for your own safety in your home.


Together we can move forward!


Thank you for your understanding,

- The Team at First Street Flooring!

We care about the health of our customers, our staff, and our community

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