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Standard Terms of Business 

First Street Flooring 

129 West Third St., Salida, CO  81201

719- 539-6182 



  1. First Street Flooring (Seller) is responsible for selling flooring materials, and window coverings. Most material is special ordered to the Customers’ specifications directly from the Supplier. First Street Flooring (FSF)will assist with the processing of manufacturers’ warranties. 

  2. Customers’ materials are ordered, and installations are scheduled once we receive the customer’s deposit. Seller is not responsible for manufacturer or shipper delays. Delays will be communicated and coordinated with the customer. 

  3. Seller is not responsible for measurements provided by the Customer. The Customer shall be responsible for all costs associated with correcting or reordering materials due to improper measurements taken by the Customer. Materials installed by FSF include a free professional measuring service (within a 30 mile radius of Salida). Beyond that distance a measure fee will be charged. 

  4. It is the responsibility of the Customer to communicate any special instructions to the Project Manager and to discuss any additions or changes to the specifications of the job with FSF before the installation takes place. ALL change orders (ie: changes from an accepted estimate) MUST be communicated in writing. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify both the contractor and FSF of changes and change orders via email. If they are not put into writing, FSF cannot take responsibility for ensuring that they happen. 

  5. Each material is unique, and each sample is represented as closely as possible to final product. Customer understands that there may be a dye-lot and size variation from samples in the store. Not all variations in color and character can be represented in samples. We encourage the customer to consult manufacturer websites for clearer representations. Natural wood or cork products will have inherent variation in each piece. 

  6. In the present day, estimates are good for 14 days from the date sent out. 

  7. First Street Flooring will be responsible for the warehousing of materials with a maximum of 30 days. If ordering in advance, then the customer is responsible to find (and pay for) climate-controlled storage. 

  8. Movement and squeaking in existing floors may indicate structural issues. First Street Flooring installs the flooring surface and is not responsible for the mitigation of subfloor issues. We recommend consulting a qualified general contractor to correct any deficiencies prior to the installation of any flooring. See line #6 Installation. 



  1. All flooring installation is subcontracted to companies or individuals who provide the service to First Street Flooring. 

  2. Installers contracted by First Street Flooring will warranty their work for one year. 

  3. Please plan on being onsite to meet the installers on the first day of installation to go over layout and location of each product. Both the Customer and the Installer should inspect the product onsite PRIOR to installation to ensure it is the correct materials and that they are free of defect and that they match the product specifications. 

  4. If the Customer contracts the Installer to move furniture, the Installer will move only the items of furniture, but cannot handle personal items and valuables, or the disconnection and reconnection of any electronics, or gas appliances. Antiques and family heirlooms must be moved by customer. Installers cannot take responsibility for damage to these. Larger pieces of furniture should have heavier items removed (eg: bookcases). 

  5. Customer needs to provide sanitary and clutter free areas to work. There may be an additional charge for removing soiled and unsanitary materials. 

  6. Unforeseen structural issues or conditions may be uncovered upon installation. Their immediate remedy is not the responsibility of First Street Flooring. If discovered, the issue will be discussed with the Customer and we will help you find and execute an appropriate solution. 

  7. First Street Flooring is not responsible for cutting doors, unless otherwise contracted.

  8. First Street Flooring is not responsible for chips, dents or remedy of conditions of existing moldings, doors, jambs or fixtures. Existing baseboard or trim may be removed and reset if necessary, but we cannot paint, caulk or repair. Customer should expect some touch up when installation is complete. 

  9. Door Casings must be installed prior to installation so transitions can be placed in the correct location. 

  10. Most flooring installations are considered light construction work. The Installers attempt to keep dust and disturbance to a minimum and to cut outdoors when possible. Any debris from installation will be removed by the Installer. It is, however, not the responsibility of First Street Flooring to clean a house after an installation. We recommend the use of tarps or drop clothes to protect furniture from dust. 

  11. It is the Customer’s and Installer’s responsibility to inspect the installation before the Installer leaves. If the Buyer is not able to do this, then we advise that you ask a friend or family member to do it for you. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ask a friend or family member to make sure that a home is locked up and secure after an installation if they (homeowner) are not present at the time of installation. 

  12. In order to install ANY flooring correctly, the home must be dry and have heat, lighting and water available. The Installer reserves to right to determine if site conditions are safe and to industry standards. 

  13. Customer needs to provide proper electrical outlets for installers to set up tools and saws for installations. Generally, saws will be set up outside, unless the weather dictates otherwise. 

  14. Proper flooring installation requires the indoor temperature to be between 65 – 90 degrees F. 




  2. In general, most Manufacturer's warranties apply only to the original owner and do not apply to rental properties. 

  3. The Seller will provide warranty information to the Customer. If you do not receive this, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to ask First Street Flooring for the information. Any complaints must be addressed immediately. Material defects must be reported to Suppliers within 30 days of purchase. 

  4. Overage - Our hard surface installers require 10% overage. This is an industry standard. The client should expect left over flooring materials to be used as “attic stock” for future repairs or alterations. 

  5. Returns- There are no returns with a customer measure or change to a work order. Depending on the circumstances, some stocked materials may be returned with a re-stocking and freight fee, others cannot. 

  6. Rolling chairs void most warranties - please check before purchasing your floor. 

  7. Most hardwood manufacturers are requiring whole house humidification systems to warranty hardwood over 

  8. radiant in floor heat - please check before you make your purchase. 



  1. A 50% deposit must be received before we will make any orders or schedule an installation. 

  2. The receipt of a deposit will be a contractual agreement that indicates that you have accepted these Terms of Business. 

  3. Payment in full is due once the installation of the flooring or blinds is complete and all parties are satisfied. 


Additional Terms of Installation 



  1. It is the responsibility of the Installer and Customer to note the relative humidity of the house when the flooring is installed. It is then the responsibility of the Customer to maintain that humidity. If proper humidity is not maintained, the hardwood may change dimensionally. 

  2. Manufacturers require proper humidification in order to warranty their floors over radiant in floor heat. Please check requirements before you purchase your floor. 

  3. First Street Flooring will supply the Buyer with maintenance instructions for the Customer to maintain the warranty. 

  4. Please NEVER use a steam cleaner on hardwood flooring. Please do not use a wax cleaner on your flooring unless approved by the manufacturer. 

  5. Seasonal squeaking may expected due to variations in temperature and humidity. Please refer to the care and maintenance for your product. 



  1. Please plan on going over layout and design expectations with installer prior to installation. 

  2. Installation of tile and backer board creates dust! Customer should move surface items and plan a deep clean once installation is complete. 

  3. Unless contracted by the Customer, grout sealing will be the responsibility of the Customer. Sealing should be done once the grout has had time to completely dry (between 5 and 10 days) and before any moisture is used around the grout. 



  1. The backing of carpet is inherently rough. Installers take care but installation requires the carpet to be cut and tucked neatly under baseboard, therefore scratches and scuffs to the walls and/or base trim will occur. Customers should expect some touch-up after installation. First Street Flooring shall not be responsible for any costs or work associated with this. 

  2. Please read the maintenance instructions carefully to stay within the warranty guidelines. Please make sure that your vacuum is compatible with your carpet. Overly aggressive vacuums may damage some carpets. 


VINYL – Sheet and plank/tile 

  1. All floor surfaces need to be flat, clean and dry at indoor room temperature and compliant with adhesive warranty. The installation of a subfloor may be required to comply with warranty requirements. 

  2. If Customer is replacing appliances, customer shall be responsible for the protection of new flooring with boards. 

  3. In order to care for your vinyl floor, you will need to consider window coverings for your windows. 



  1. First Street Flooring will be responsible for the fit of any blinds that they have measured. 

  2. It is the responsibility of the customer to review the quote to ensure the appropriate products are being purchased. If you are unsure of how the type of shade and operation will function, please review this with First Street Flooring prior to ordering. 

  3. Any obvious defect in a blind must be reported to us within 30 days. 

  4. First Street Flooring will provide one (1) complimentary restring, if necessary, within one year of purchase. Re-stringing or cord replacements after 1 year are considered normal wear and tear and are the responsibility of the homeowner. 

  5. First Street Flooring is not responsible for damage due to misuse by owners or renters. 

  6. If you have questions regarding the operation of your window coverings, please contact First Street Flooring. 

  7. Any special installation or placement requests need to be communicated at the time of measurement. 


  1. FSF requires a minimum of 48 hours notice to re-schedule a job without incurring a cost. If a job is cancelled within at 48-hour period, a “minimum days charge” for each day that has been changed may be added to the final invoice. This is to compensate subcontractors for lost days of work. 

  2. If rescheduling is required, we will schedule at the next available opening. 

  3. Please make sure that other trades are out of the way and cleaned up before your scheduled installation. 

  4. In general, FSF tries not to re-schedule a job. If there are circumstances beyond our control (delayed shipment of materials, sickness, bad weather) FSF will give as much notice as possible. 


  1. FSF offers 3 hours of complimentary in-store design service and help picking and researching products. 

  2. Project management fees will be added to projects for which we coordinate the installation (not including window coverings). This will be calculated at 3% of the pretax costs. 

  3. If First Street Flooring is used for design services but not for installation services, there may be a project management fee based on 3% of the material costs. 

JUNE 2023

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