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First Street Flooring eco-friendly flooring

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Flooring can often be one of the least environmentally conscious surfaces in your home. But that doesn't have to be the case! If you are looking for a "greener" flooring solution, consider linoleum, cork, or bamboo. Carpeting is available in wool and all-natural fibers. Come visit our showroom and we can discuss the renewable and environmentally-minded products we have carefully sourced from trusted suppliers.

Environmentally Conscious Flooring


Hardwood floors are a very environmentally friendly flooring option. Trees are a renewable resource. Wood floors require fewer raw materials to produce and are very long lasting compared to many alternatives. At the end of their service, there are many ways to repurpose or recycle into other products, and should they end up in the landfill they are biodegradable.

Linoleum / Marmoleum

Linoleum is one of the greenest flooring choices available, with all the materials used being all-natural, biodegradable, and easily renewable.

Marmoleum is the evolution of linoleum! It is made from natural, rapidly renewable, raw materials, making it one of the most sustainable floor coverings available. Available in hundreds of colors and designs.


Cork is an all-natural, environmentally responsible product with exceptional physical properties. It is derived from the bark of the cork tree which regrows its bark every nine years. Cork is lightweight, compressible, resilient, and resists moisture and liquid penetration. A remarkable, eco-friendly material!

Wool Carpet & Pad

Wool carpeting and pads are nontoxic and sustainable, and thanks to sheep it's a renewable resource! Wool carpet requires significantly less energy to produce than synthetic carpets. Once installed in your home, it helps with air quality and is naturally fire-retardant and stain resistant - without chemicals!


Bamboo is actually a grass, and regenerates incredibly fast - growing up to two feet a day! Unlike trees, the root is self-generating and is not damaged during harvesting.

Long lasting, biodegradable, recyclable, and beautiful, bamboo flooring is available in many styles and finishes.

Our Suppliers

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